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Go to Free up space on Mac to boost performance

Free up space on Mac to boost performance

Macs tend to fill up faster than users expect. Always. Buying an external drive might be expensive; iCloud Drive free space is limited; freeing up space on your device manually is time-consuming. Discover the most efficient and affordable solution, which will allow getting more free disk space. Find old and large files, detect duplicates, locate hidden downloads – and erase them all in a twinkle of an eye. See how easy it can be to boost the device’s performance!

Go to Clean up hard drive to increase efficiency

Clean up hard drive to increase efficiency

No matter how well you take care of your Apple computer, it still gets overloaded with junk files over time. Though, even a 10-year MacBook can be refreshed easily. Are you looking for a quick, cost-effective solution? Download, install and launch our app – that’s all you have to do. The app will automatically find and suggest data you can delete no questions asked: temporary and remnant files, logs and broken login items, universal binaries and development junk, and so much more!

Go to Clear cache on Mac for speed and safety

Clear cache on Mac for speed and safety

The browser and apps you use save tons of data, including the information about the visited websites, files required to launch an online application, images, downloads, etc. Thus, each time you update an app or a web page, the outdated data may still be applied by macOS. Clear your browser and apps caches to let them and the entire system operate faster. As an icing on the cake – protect your personal information by keeping the browsing history safe.

Go to Speed up Mac to perform faster than ever

Speed up Mac to perform faster than ever

Do you experience annoying problems with the speed of your Mac? If you want every video or application to launch instantly once you click on it, it’s critical to make your machine as rapid as it was when you just bought it. The speed performance of your Apple computer is directly related to the free disk space available. By getting rid of the files you do not need any longer and protecting your Mac with the complex system utility, you will obtain a lightning-fast machine!

Improve Mac Performance with MacWorldBound

Sometimes, working with Mac seems like dealing with a snail instead of the powerful machine. As a result of system overload, you find it impossible to download and install new exciting apps, watch awesome videos, and play newest games. Is it fair? No, and in case you don’t want to waste time waiting each time you decide to stream a video, you should take a chance and uncover how to improve OS X Mac performance by optimizing your precious Apple computer.

What is optimization the way we see it? It is something that will recall the fantastic feeling of holding a brand new Mac just out of the box. The best way to improve your Apple computer’s performance is to ensure it has a clear memory and enough of free space on the hard drive. It’s not that easy to handle thousands of old and junk files manually. But who said that you should do everything all alone? Get equipped with the special cleaning software aimed to de-clutter your Mac. Find and delete duplicate files, outdated items, and other junk data that prevents your Mac from flying like new again!


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Michelle Hewitt

Founder / CEO
Heart, soul, and mega mind behind MacWorldBound. Visionist and strategist capable to develop highly effective market penetration techniques. Never misses an opportunity to throw or accept a new challenge.
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Umeko Johnson

Project Manager
Has a 12 years of leadership experience with many development teams for all kinds of projects. Proper function or product delivery is her fetish. Generates new ideas and offers app’s improvements at the speed of light.
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Jason Gosling

App Developer
Our muscles. Creates, tests, and programs cleaning software for macOS. Once couldn’t stop coding for 73 hours straight and missed “Game of Thrones” season 7 finale. Does not have friends except MacBook Pro.
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Matias Ramos

His ultimate sense of beaty is what allows him to offers outstanding and user-friendly application designs. Can inspect old European magazines from cover to cover in search of inspiration to draw one small icon.

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